Google Chromebook Available in India

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Google Chromebook Available in India

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Google Chromebook

Google announcing its Chromebook can be a threat for Microsoft and Apple, as they have dominated the personal computer space for years now. The machine is ideally suited to someone who uses a lot of Google services, which I do, so from that perspective it’s a good choice for me.

Google Chromebook works without a traditional desktop or software (as it is preloaded with the Google Chrome OS and you cannot install any other software on this machine), its internal data storage is not accessible by the user and therefore security is not much of an issue. Using Google Chrome means no more Photoshop, Microsoft Excel or iTunes, you cannot play your DVDs or even your printers may not be supported but it allows to install any of your favorite Chrome extensions on the Chromebook, is light weight with amazing battery life and thus It rewards you with the simplest, purest, computing experience possible.

Chromebooks are cloud-based and you get 100GB of Google Drive storage for free (costing nearly $120). With Google Drive, you can store your photos, music, videos, documents and more, so you can always have back up of your data easily available and accessible. You can jump right back to your work with Chromebook. Google says Chromebook boots in 8-10 seconds straight. And it’s true, again. Chrome OS strips many of the unnecessary processes that a typical computer goes through when you power it on. With Chromebook, it’s easy to get connected anytime, anywhere with its built in dual Wi-Fi and 3G. Chromebook connects to your favorite wireless network automatically as it boots up, so that you get connected instantly.

Price is another big advantage. Google Chromebook in India is priced under 30K. The 11.6″ Acer Chromebook can be owned for Rs. 23k while the 14″ HP Chromebook can be owned for Rs. 27k.

Google’s vision of the future revolves entirely around the cloud and Chromebooks have been designed specifically for people who spend most of their time on the web already.

Overall, Chromebook is a good notebook but can be better.

Here is a video for you to get to know Chromebook. is a team of brilliant geeks, in love with technology, creating wonderful stuffs every day. You can follow us for the latest fixes.

  • user

    AUTHOR Leo Mccreadie

    Posted on 1:10 PM August 15, 2014.

    Interesting product.

  • user

    AUTHOR Julie

    Posted on 8:12 PM June 20, 2015.

    I installed it on a CR-48 and did NOT have to do the itnaiil setup, the user accounts were retained.The only issue I’ve got is that the buttons for my X-Notifier, Adblock, and Google Voice always appear as if they are depressed. It’s kind of annoying but so far stability is excellent and everything is 100% functional.

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