7 different iOS 7 Reviews

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7 different iOS 7 Reviews

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iOS 7 Reviews

Apple iOS 7 Review by Techcrunch

If you’re coming brand new to iOS 7 and have been ignoring the Internet for the past three months, you’re going to be in for a visual shock. Apple has completely overhauled the look of iOS with version 7, starting from the lock screen and extending to the icons of default apps, system fonts, status bar indicators, system elements like Notification Center and more. There are new sounds, too, including ringtones and notification cues, in case a host of new info for your eyeballs to process wasn’t enough.

The look is bound to be controversial; Apple has opted for bright, bold colors with more clean lines and far fewer textures, shadows and gradients. There is still some depth to the OS, however, with transparency effects giving a sense of background and foreground elements (the dock row is an opaque rectangle through which your home screen wallpaper is visible, for instance).

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iOS 7 review by Macworld

Earlier this year, I spent some time in Italy. Despite a lack of any familiarity with Italian, by the end of the week I’d managed to become more or less proficient at navigating public transportation, figuring out street signs, and even ordering a meal. Because, different though the language might be, all of those were tasks I could map onto familiar experiences.

The experience of switching to iOS 7 is kind of like that: Some things might look wildly different, but underneath them are the same old familiar experiences we’ve become accustomed to over the last six years. It’ll take some time to get used to the changes—just as many of us struggled to adapt to Apple’s “natural” scrolling back in OS X Lion—but after about a week, you’ll be back to tapping and swiping like an expert.

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The best and worst of iOS 7 by CNet

In my review for iOS 7 I said the new mobile OS is a worthy upgrade for all iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users. But that doesn’t mean every part of the new OS is spectacular. Some new features in iOS 7 stand out like Control Center, for giving you quick access to the most-used system tools. But other things stand out in a much different way, such as Game Center’s new rainbow bubble theme. Seriously? Rainbow bubbles?

Over the past couple of days since my review, I’ve gathered my favorite new features along with the things that annoy me most about iOS 7. Check out each blog post to see my picks for The 7 best things about iOS 7 along with The 7 worst things about iOS 7. I also put together a list of 7 unexpected features in iOS 7 for some hidden gems, along with tips and tricks.

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19 problems with iOS 7, and how to fix them? by DigitalTrends

Every new operating system has its issues and Apple’s iOS 7 is certainly no exception. We’ve seen a multitude of bug reports rolling in and, while many people have updated successfully, there’s no shortage of people encountering glitches or even major problems. We discussed how to prepare for and download iOS 7, and we’ve suggested some helpful iOS 7 tips and tricks, now it’s time to review some common iOS 7 problems and, where possible, identify solutions. We’ll refer to the iPhone throughout the article, but the majority of the problems and fixes will apply to the iPad and iPod Touch as well.

Updated on 10-23-2013 by Simon Hill: Added issues with app updates refusing to download, third-party cables not working, and the camera not working.

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iOS 7 review : a new look or a new beginning? By TheVerge

Apple may deserve more credit than anyone for the way our smartphones look and work, but six years after our first glimpse of the iPhone a lot has changed. Google continued to design and re-design Android; Windows Phone introduced a colorful, vibrant operating system; yet iOS stood mostly still. Until this June, that is, when CEO Tim Cook announced Apple had been working on “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.”

That change is iOS 7, a complete aesthetic overhaul of the interface millions of iPhone owners have known for years. From the moment you turn on an iPhone running iOS 7 through nearly every interaction you have with it, it’s different. This free update changes every menu, every option, every app. Even Siri has become an entirely new person, with new thoughts and a new voice.

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iOS 7 Review by iMore

iOS 7 represents nothing more nor less than a radical rethinking of mainstream multitouch interface. A complete visual departure from previous versions, it focuses on clarity by removing all but the most essential elements and chrome, deference by getting out of the way of content and apps, and depth by building the entire experience around a physics and particle engine that moves, blurs, parallaxes, and layers in virtual 3D. It touches every app, every pixel, and every bit of the system. It’s far from perfect, and there are issues as superficial as icons and as deep as consistency yet to be overcome, but along with new features like Control Center and AirDrop, and improvements to Notification Center, multitasking, the Camera and Photos apps, Safari, Siri, and more, it’s the most exciting update to iOS in years, and to mobile interface since the original iPhone. But it’s also facing most competitive market ever and, given the alternatives, will it be enough?

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iOS 7 Review by LaptopMag

Colorful, stark and tres minimaliste, Apple’s iOS 7 represents an extreme makeover for a mobile platform that has sported the same look since President George Bush was in office and Hannah Montana was in season one. That was 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the world to the original iPhone. Over the years Apple has added many features to its software, but the overall aesthetic and navigation has largely remained the same. That all changes with iOS 7, which boasts an all-new design and welcome new features such as Control Center and improved multitasking. Has Apple gone far enough to narrow the user experience gap with Android, or has it gone too far?

iOS7 will be compatible with the iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2nd generation and later, iPad mini, and the 5th generation iPod touch, and is free to download.

However, some features will only work on more recent iOS devices. The iPhone 4S won’t have camera filters or AirDrop; the iPhone 4 and the third-generation iPad won’t have camera filters, AirDrop, or Siri; and the iPad 2 will not have camera filters, panoramic photos, square photos and videos, or Siri.

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